Residential Protective Coatings

We are fully dedicated to an on-site application for ALL residential protective coatings needs. We have price points for ANY budget. Waterproof deck coverings and coatings are our most common application in the residential arena but garage floors and roof tops are common as well. Just pick a color, simple as that!

DECKS: TuffGrip gives us the best non-skid surface out of all the products we have so that is what we typically use. It has the best feel and physical properties to ensure you have a maintenance free, monolithic coating that will last for years.

GARAGE FLOORS: In addition to HardLine, we now offer Home Pro. Rhino Home Pro is a polyaspartic coating system designed specifically for garage floors that has excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistances. It is environmentally friendly with no VOCs and has a quick turnaround time allowing normal foot traffic in 2-4 hours and full use in about 24 hours. Home Pro has excellent UV resistance and high gloss characteristics so your floor will maintain its color and shine for a long time. There are many base colors and aggregates to choose from.

ROOF TOPS: If you’re looking to turn your flat roof into a usable deck, or just replace an existing roof with a watertight, leak free, maintenance free coating, we can help you out. We typically spray TuffGrip on the roofs that we do because it has the most elasticity. But we can spray foam insulation and coat over that to increase the energy efficiency of your home as well.

Tuff Grip
Hard Line
Home Pro