The Industrial Strength Sprayed-On Polyurea Coatings for Industrial, Commercial and Residential On-Site Applications

Our Mission: Envirocoating Innovations Inc.(dba) Rhino Linings of Emerald City is a protective coating and waterproofing contractor. We specialize in preparing the job-site and applying a multitude of industrial (although aesthetically pleasing) polyurea spray-on and non-spray on based components at any thickness necessary to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Applications include: primary and secondary containment, corrosion control, tank linings, concrete, roofs, boats, ponds, decks, floors, etc...

If You Can Think It, We Can Coat It!

Envirocoating Innovations Inc. has been in business since 1988 spraying plural component polyurea applications in the coatings industry. Our Corporate office located in the Puget Sound area is only a "place to call home", We have completed literally thousands of jobs from the east coast to the west coast including Alaska and Hawaii. However 75% of our jobs reside in the Puget Sound area. We believe that our flexibility to work this broad spectrum combined with the "No Go-back" work ethic has given us the title of number one Rhino dealer in North America last two years running!


Rental cars $25 for 24 hours

Why Rhino?

  • Waterproof , with very high elongation (flexibility) and puncture resistance (tensile strength)
  • Creates a monolithic(seamless) surface at ANY thickness (most jobs 3/16" is sufficient)
  • Jobs are sprayed SAME day at any thickness,no need to "build coats" over a period of time
  • Hardens literally in seconds, foot traffic ok in minutes
  • Extreme durability with high abrasion resistance and a very professional appearance
  • Many products resistant to many different corrosive compounds and solvents
  • No voc's or solvents
  • Can be sprayed in ANY color
  • A multitude of formulations for any job and price point
  • Specialists in spray on bed liners for trucks